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Two-legged, bi-pedal dog

Seeing is believing. Just watching this strong dog was so riveting, I thought I’d share this clip, even though…ahem…Montel….*sigh.* Many reasons not to watch; only one reason to watch – the dog.


Spinal Tap at Live Earth

They’re back! Watch them backstage here.

It’s Jerry Time!

Here’s a certifiable video/animation find: It’s Jerry Time! Catch it on the official Web site here, or download from iTunes (I did). Each video is a keeper.

Bonus: Awesome links and Jerry wear.

Talk to your doctor about Tequila

From the bowels of the hospital world. Just what the doctor ordered.

Cows with Guns

I sat. I laughed. I craved a burger. Very fun – and punny. Nice claymation!

See what?

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